Artists at Work in Deep Ellum, Texas

As many of us have distant ourselves from locations that use to be popular years ago we tend to forget that those locations are slowly building up to be popular once again. Deep Ellum as I remember and as many others remember was a place to go walk down Elm or Main brushing each other’s shoulders as we try to catch up with friends . It was a place to listen to cool local bands trying to make a name for themselves, a place to grab a beer and listen to comedians, look at cool art, or a place to just hang out because the atmosphere was inviting.

Slowly but surely it seems like Deep Ellum is coming back alive with new restaurants, new stores, new breweries, and new art. I had the opportunity to witness the new art going up on the brick walls of Deep Ellum called, “42 Murals Project”. Artists are painting murals on brick walls to bring Deep Ellum to another level. I met the main artist Gabe McCool and his team Andy Buchanan, Mark Doby, and Robert Hutchinson who have been working on his mural for the past few weekends. Not only are they talented artist but they are very genuine guys. They have been painting ever since they were little and just continued with their passion in art. This project should lead to more traffic and hopefully Deep Ellum will be what it used to be like a decade ago.

Before leaving Deep Ellum, I found a fun little store called Rocket Fizz that just opened last month. It is a neat little soda and candy shop where you can find different types of pops and variety of candies for your own enjoyment or gift ideas. Alan, who works there was very helpful and I loved his customer service. I was pleased with my shopping experience and I definitely will go again to stock up on candy!

With the new stores, new art, new restaurants popping up in Deep Ellum I will have to commit to going there and trying other new places myself.

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