Treat your hair with LOVE

A lot of the times we forget to treat ourselves to nice things. Whether it's a trip to the nail shop, a nice massage, a trip to Macy's to buy that beautiful hand bag we have been eyeing on for weeks, a cruise to the Bahamas, or just a visit to our local hairstylist for a haircut is relaxing too. As a hairstylist, I think we can manage to visit the salon for a haircut every 6 weeks. I have witnessed first time clients that come in with very brittle and dry hair and we end up cutting at least 4 inches off. It can be a fresh start but sometimes we do not want to go to that extreme in one visit. It might be the cause of coloring your own hair at home and over processing it, using the flat iron way to much, not using the right professional hair product before blow drying your hair, or simply not keeping up with your haircut appointments. It is very important to educate you right when you sit down at my chair or any other hairstylist's chair and direct you on the right path. If you want your hair to look like Kate Hudson, Jenifer Aniston's , Julie Roberts, Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock, or The Kardashian's , you have to also do your part at home. If you don't want to take the time to do it at home you need to book an appointment and let the professional treat your hair with LOVE. Here are a few simple tips to keep you hair healthy , strong, shiny, and beautiful! 1. Make an appointment for a hair cut every 5-6 weeks. If you have color or highlights then you still have to trim every time you come in for that color appointment. 2. Buy a professional shampoo, conditioner for your type of hair to use daily or every other day. 3. Buy a deep conditioning treatment for your hair to use at home at least once a week. This can help if you do not want to visit the salon in between haircuts and color appointments. 4. If you would rather have the professionals keep your hair healthy between color appointments, lets make it happen ($25.00 for Oleplex or deep conditioning treatment only, no blow dry). This will save you from cutting 4-5 inches off your hair in one visit.

These are just a few tips I listed on how to keep you hair looking healthy for every day of the year and every season. While you are at the salon don't hesitate to ask questions. Here are a few of my favorite hair products that do wonders! Remember treat your hair with Love.

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