Raptor Center located miles down your home.

I had the opportunity to discover the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center in Lucas, Texas through some friends of mine this month. It was such a cool experience , especially because the person that took us there has a close connection to the facility so we ended up with VIP access (as I call it)! I didn't know what to expect until I saw the beautiful owls and hawks right in front of my face and learned how they ended up in this rescue facility. The location has been established for about 12 years and are expanding to take in more birds. It was very educational knowing that I can save these beautiful birds from getting hurt and take precautions in a safe manner if I ever came across one. But, I also know I can help the facility by donating items or money they need to expand their facility for a better future for these amazing birds. Our salon is glad to help with donations. You can contact Diane our manager if you are interested or go directly to the site http://www.bpraptorcenter.org for future events. They are always accepting donations.

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