Road Trip on a budget!

I've been traveling with my baby girl since she was 3 months old. She recently turned double digits, 10, and I gave her an option of a big birthday party with friends or a road trip (keeping it on a reasonable budget). She thought it through and she chose the road trip. Weeks after having a small celebration with family, I was so excited to surprise her because I knew there would be giraffes! If you know her, then you know she loves giraffes but has never been face to face with one. I had heard about this safari located in Texas thru clients of mine. They mentioned how great their kids or grand kids just loved it. She is at a great age and the fall season was perfect to venture out and make a weekend out of it. The place is called Fossil Rim in Glen Rose , Texas just a couple hours southwest from Fort Worth, Texas. They have several options on how to tour the trails. You can: (1.) drive in your own car , (2.) reserve weeks in advance for a tour guide to drive you, or (3.) additional tour guide options (we picked option 2). It was a reasonable price ($39.95 each person) and we went on trails that others could not drive thru. It was a 2 hour tour exploring the natural habitats of all the beautiful creatures and their background on how they ended on this amazing landscape. Sometimes, we don't realize that we have all these small towns surrounding us that offer so much beauty and education. The picture above is the mama giraffe (closer to the lens) , her baby giraffe (right behind her), and the aunt (further back in the pic). The mama was not shy at all as she licked all the food off our hands with her 18 inch tongue and continuously kept posing for the cameras. Baby is newer to Fossil Rim so she is not use to people quite yet. We saw zebras, a lot of deer, cheetahs, ostrich, and much more. I can keep going on how exciting this tour was but would rather experience it for yourself.

Because we made it a weekend trip we headed back to the hotel to rest. You can look online for great deals on hotel rates. I always advice to book weeks in advance to get a cheap rate if you are on a budget. We headed to Granbury, Texas in the evening for the Night Ghost Tour in the downtown square (just 15 minute drive from where we stayed). Again, only $10.00 for each person and $7.00 for kids. You can't beat an hour walk tour around the downtown learning about history and ghosts that have been spotted in these old homes. It is a very active downtown and we will be going back to check out the theater and other dining places.

Sunday before we headed out, we had to stop at the Big Rocks Park. It was free and close to the hotel. Our last stop was Dinosaur Valley State Park. Another cool park to hike and camp at. We weren't prepared to do either and I wasn't crazy impressed. If you like fossils and ready to hike this is place to definitely stop at.

At the end of our trip I realized we could had made it a day trip but it was nice to rest between activities. Also, I would stay closer to the Granbury area because there are more restaurants, bars, and entertainment. At the end of it all, we had a wonderful and unique experience. My daughter was very pleased with the trip.

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Places to eat in the area

Los Primos Mexican Restaurant

Fried Pies located in the gas station

Paradise Bistro and Coffee

5964 West Parker Road Suite116

in Studio 110

Plano, Texas 75093

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