1st Road Trip for 2017 and Tips

I live in a beautiful city called Dallas where there is so much to do and see here but sometimes a getaway is much needed without breaking the bank. We have many small towns surrounding the city but I decided to take a trip down to Austin, Texas for the weekend. It is known for its foodie, bar, and music scene, it is also known for its spectacular hill country scene. I have been to Austin twice to party and never took the time or appreciated it until I did on this trip. I had 2 days to fit everything into the agenda. I took about a month of researching yelp reviews, trip advisor reviews, and the destination website reviews to decide what attractions were worth seeing. Once I knew what locations I was interested in visiting and setting a budget, I was ready to set an itinerary. This is a wonderful way to organize driving time, groups (if anyone decides to join), budget, keep everyone happy, active, and accomplish the list. I love planning and we were ready for our trip!

We started our morning at 5:30 a.m. I was only going to make one stop along our 3 and half to four-hour drive and that was the donut stop. We stopped at Shipley’s Donuts in Temple, Texas right off I- 35. This was a convenient location. The place was clean, customer service was excellent, and the donuts were delish! After our bellies full of jelly, we headed back on the road and took a slight detour west of Austin. Our first big stop was Krause Springs located in Spicewood, Texas (55 miles from Austin). This is a family owned park where you can camp out or picnic for the day. The inviting butterfly garden is very beautiful with a serene feel. And the landscape has very tall trees shading all around the picnic tables. We saw a few spring waterfalls but it was a bit too cold to get in. This was such a relaxing park to venture out for part of the day.

We headed back to Northwest Austin to check into our hotel and rested for our next adventure. The next exciting stop started at 8:30 p.m. but we had to leave our location around 7:30p.m. to make sure we would arrive to our reservations on time. We headed to Milton Reimers Observatory (30 miles west from Austin). It gave us enough time to drive before sunset and get settled in. If you arrive to the park after sunset it might get a bit confusing because you have to drive in another 2 miles. Once we were there, we were greeted by 2 host astronomers and there was 2 enormous telescopes. With the day being cloudy off and on we still had hope to see stars. We could view the Gemini stars, Siris star, the Orion Belt, Leo stars, and of course Jupiter with 4 of its 67 moons. If you don’t know anything about astronomy I guarantee you will walk away with a bit of star obsession! It was such a great closer to our beautiful night.

The following morning, we headed to a place called Pioneer Farms. It is a beautiful farm (east from Austin). filled with old homes from the 1800’s, a few farm animals, and blacksmiths. This was a great 2 hour walk for a very reasonable price and a lot of knowledge to take back with you. The weather was just perfect for this type of tour. We didn’t have anything else on the agenda till later that evening so we decided to go to 6th street and check out The Museum of the Weird. It is something equivalent to Ripley’s Believe it or Not but a lot smaller. We walked thru and with a bonus show we were out of there within 30 minutes. Like I said, it was a gap to fill our day. If that wasn’t enough entertainment there are many delicious restaurants to try and a few souvenir stores to check out in the area.

Finally, 7pm had arrived and we headed to our last stop on our last night in Austin. I was looking forward to the sunset on Mount Bonnell. After climbing 101 steps to the top we saw the beautiful view of the Colorado

River and the sunset. So many locals and tourists arrive at this destination to capture the moment. So, if you decide to visit make sure to arrive there 30-45 minutes before the sunset to walk and pick a spot. And wear comfy shoes and bug spray! This was a true relaxing and fun closer to our 2-day trip to Austin.

There are more things I wanted to do but not enough time. Plus, I have been learning about other locations that intrigue me. So, let’s just say that I will be planning another trip to Austin for more adventures.

Places to eat on the way to or in Austin:

Shipley's Donuts

Little Czech Bakery


Big Daddy's Burgers and Bar

Sushi Junai

El Taquito

5964 West Parker Road Suite116

in Studio 110

Plano, Texas 75093

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