Spring Festivals

What do I do on my down time? I enjoy going to festivals in the DFW area. Why? Well, because I don't have free time to go try new restaurants every different week, or pick up and go to a concert on a Wednesday night, or see the cutest dogs ever on a day to day basis. So, festivals are all in one package. Besides DFW festivals rock! Every other year I try to make it to the Deep Ellum Art festival. This year I had the opportunity to go and it was groovy. It has expanded throughout the years with a lot of new local artist showing their amazing skills, a street performer, a dog costume contest, and a lot of bands I have never heard before. This festival is for those who like the arts but more so for those who are new to the DFW area and want to experience a little of what we call home.

Another super fun outing was Earth Day weekend at Fair Park during the month of April. If you have never been then try to go next year plus it's free to get in! I loved it. My daughter and I got to try 6 diverse types of restaurant food samples for just $5.OO. We bought some Greek homemade jelly and desserts, natural healthy Buda juice jars, and supported other local vendors. There was plant, insect, and other environmental educators in the auditoriums. The best part was an item I been wanting to check off my bucket list. Not knowing it was going to be sooner than later but came across tiny homes! For a while I was obsessed with tiny homes. Well, there they were and we got to tour about 10. I was super excited and can say I have at least been in several of them.

If you do not have a lot of time to venture out during the week like I do, then this would be a perfect outing for you. These are a few of my favorite festivals I have been to that are coming up in the month of May; The Scarborough Renaissance Festival, Taste of Addison, and Wildflower Arts and Music Festival. Go check them out.

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