We love you Houston!

Happy Thursday Everyone! I hope you enjoyed your summer vacation and explored thru the beautiful DFW area or overseas! I would love to see pics of any travels you made and you can tag me on Instagram. But let’s get back to reality! Now, that we are rolling into September we are adjusting back to our scheduled programs. We wear our imaginary Superman or Superwoman outfits to rush from one place to another to accomplish our daily goals. We hope you have a minute out of your daily lives and think about the disaster happening in our home state and what people are going through physically and emotionally. Shannon the Barber at Phenix Willowbend Salon has 2 trailers that will be going to Houston in the following weeks. Some of us have joined to help and drive these items to the families in need. If you have 5 minutes to spare, then please look thru items that you would like to donate. This will make you a super hero for the victims in Houston, Texas. Just bring them into my suite and we will be stacking them up. Here is a list of what is needed:






*feminine products



*board games





*card games

*extra large freezer bags


*coloring books


*canned goods



We also have room for larger items or gently used items:

*propane cylinders


*Pots pans utensils etc.




Thank you once again!

Caro Montes

5964 West Parker Road Suite116

in Studio 110

Plano, Texas 75093

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