Dallas to NYC 2019

Hi world! This year I am going to share all my travel journeys and travel tips on how to have fun while still saving money in your wallet. If you have read some of my previous travel tips you will find more information thru out my blogs.

In the month of March, my family had our first vacation for the year of 2019. It had been 7 months since our last vacation in the beautiful sunny state of California. This vacation was much needed although many would say New York City is not much of a vacation. The sound of honking cars, the feel of people walking and brushing against shoulders, the calming jazz music from a distance, and the hustling and bustling of people trying to make a buck meant that I had arrived in NYC!

I chose to depart mid-week for a lower flight cost and return during a weekday. Also, I booked our flights 3-4 months prior. I had visited NYC a few times and I realized staying near Time Square can get old and very expensive, especially if you are taking your family. I found a well accommodated hotel in China Town for $110 a night! Cheaper than if I would have stayed in Time Square. Yes, you can find something cheaper, like a hostel! But you will be sharing a room with 3-4 other strangers. Or you can even make friends in NYC and have a place to stay for free next time you visit. Some of you would not mind at all. When looking for hotel deals, make an account with one of the major hotel providers that will list all the hotel pricing. Usually the sign up is free. For example, Hotels.com is a great one and if you check-in the middle of the week the pricing is much lower.

The location was perfect! The area was very busy like anywhere else in NYC. We were 15-20 steps from our hotel to the subway station which gave us easy access to get to Time Square (15-20-minute ride). I would recommend a subway pass and pay as you go. Only at $2.75 and this includes transfers. This beats Ubers and Taxi fees. I spent $40.00 total on transportation for the 5 day visit and this included 2 people!

This was also an excellent location because we were only 2 miles from the Brooklyn Bridge, the 9/11 Memorial, The Oculus, Wall Street, the Staten Island Ferry, and all the tasty restaurants around. This was a passive walking trip right after breakfast to see all the sights in half a day.

We made it into Time Square for part of an evening to watch Aladdin on Broadway. What a spectacular show it was! This was a high energetic show with the Genie captivating the audience each step of the way. It is a must-see show. We also had an itch for shopping. Even though we have the same stores here in Texas we ended up walking into a few stores in Time Square. They have more of a selection and their stores are 4 times bigger than the ones in Texas.

The overall experience in Chinatown was flawless! Little Italy, Soho, Tribeca, and Lower East Side, were a 10-15-minute walk. You can buy fresh veggies and fruits along your walk and find a variety of Vietnamese, Thai, Bakery, Cafes, or Pizza joints without drowning your wallet. We had the best time and checked off the main highlights on our list. We will be going back next year to continue checking off more locations we couldn't reach.

If you need more info on traveling tips don’t hesitate to email me. Or if you need a travel buddy contact me! I will list all the locations we visited below (found thru yelp). If you have never been to NYC you have to go at least once in your life!

  • Southwest Airline

  • SOHO Garden Hotel in ChinaTown

  • Hotels.com

  • Yelp

Places to Dine in ChinaTown/ Near Time Square

  • NHA Trang One

  • Lan Zho Handmade Noodles & Dumplings

  • 5 Boroughs Pizza

  • Paris Baguette

  • iM Star Café

  • Angelo's Pizza

  • The Meatball Shop

  • Central Park Food Trucks

Places to check out for FREE

  • Public Library

  • Brooklyn Bridge (walk underneath it too!)

  • Staten Island Ferry

  • 9/11 Memorial

  • The Oculus

  • Washington Square Park

  • Central Park

  • St. Patricks Cathedral

  • St. Paul's Chapel "The Little Chapel That Stood"

Places to Shop

  • Gift Shops in ChinaTown/Soho/ Little Italy ( BARGIN!!! Most places well drop a few dollars down from original price)

  • It’s Sugar(candy store)

  • H & M & Forever 21 in Time Square

Locations to visit

  • International Center of Photography

  • Broadway Aladdin

  • Mc Sorley's Old Ale House

  • Pig N Whistle

  • M & M Store

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